An Eye Exam Doctor Will Perform a Few Tests to Determine the Health of Your Eyes

An eye exam doctor will perform a few tests to determine the overall health of your eyes. The most common one involves reading a chart that includes symbols of various sizes. This test measures the visual acuity of your eyes. If you have good vision, your results will be 20/20 or better. However, if you have problems reading, you might need a prescription for glasses or contacts. The doctor will use a special tool called an autorefractor to automatically measure the correct prescription.

The Secret Of Successful An Eye Exam Doctor Will Perform A Few Tests To Determine The Health Of Your Eyes

eye exam doctor

The phoroptor is a device that allows the eye doctor to examine the retina in three dimensions. It enables the doctor to determine if your prescription should be for corrective lenses. This test will also determine if you suffer from presbyopia or nearsightedness. A person with this condition needs corrective lenses or contact lenses. The phoroptor is used in order to measure the exact refractive error of the eyes.

The slit lamp test uses a high-powered magnifying device to check for abnormalities on the eye’s surface. This test will take a few minutes. Your doctor will ask you to look directly at the ear of your doctor and blink or gaze at it. Your eye exam will determine if you need glasses or contacts. A comprehensive eye exam will provide your doctor with valuable information about your eye health and vision. After the exam, you’ll leave with a prescription for your glasses or contacts.

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