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The attorney office at Barkemeyer is always open to new clients so that they can take on more cases that might not be familiar to them. They also accept private pay clients who pay for an upfront consultation and agree to a retainer after the initial consultation. Most DWI lawyers work on a no-cost caseload, but some will accept a case if they see a particular need.

Barkemeyer Law Firm – Lawyers in Covington

Barkemeyer Law is a firm dedicated to providing quality legal services to individuals and companies involved in the field of criminal defense, DUI, drug crime, fraud and other legal matters. Located in Chicago, Illinois, Barkemeyer is a part of the Chicago Defender Association. The attorneys at Barkemeyer are members of the American Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association. They strive to provide quality legal representation to their clients and are considered to be among the best in their field. This is because of their experience and commitment to the people they represent.

Attorneys at Barkemeyer have a reputation of building strong relationships with the opposing parties to help them achieve the best possible outcome for all involved. If you are considering hiring one of these attorneys, it would be advisable to contact them at the first indication of a legal problem so that they can evaluate your situation and build a solid case for you. They will give you one of their best recommendations for representing yourself in court.

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