Benefits of an Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

open face helmet nz

Before buying an open face motorcycle helmet, be sure to research its safety. This will save you from buying a low-quality off-shore product that is likely to fail safety tests. Off-shore helmets are not covered by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act, and you run the risk of getting a knock-off or scam. Furthermore, buying a helmet made in New Zealand will save you from embarrassment and support your local motorcycle dealer. Find out –

Helmet That Will Enhance Your Riding Experience

Another major benefit to an open face helmet is enhanced air flow. This helps keep the face cooler, even in hot weather. The longer visors add additional weather protection as well. Open face helmets are also great if you like wearing glasses, and they can keep you dry even in rainy weather. The better air flow also prevents fogging. In addition, open face helmets are much cooler than their full-face counterparts.

If you ride motorcycles, scooters, or ATVs, you can also choose from a wide variety of open face helmets. You can even buy lightweight open face helmets designed for these purposes. The Hedon 92 is a good example of a high-quality open face helmet. It weighs just 800g and is lined in luxurious calf-leather. If you’d like to purchase one, you can visit their online shop and place an order for a three to five-day delivery window.

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