Choosing Large Furniture Wheels

Large furniture wheels almost portable, allowing you to move sofas, desks and media carts easily. However, before buying casters, you must consider the type of furniture you are putting them on and the movement you want your pieces to make.

Load Capacity

The load capacity of casters varies depending on the material and diameter of the wheels. This is because the material has a direct effect on the weight of the wheel, but the size also affects the ability to support heavy objects.


The most common casters are made of cast iron or aluminum. These materials are able to support heavier weights than steel or plastic. Choosing the right material is important, since it determines the durability of your casters and can prevent them from damaging your floors.

Upgrade Your Furniture with Large Wheels: How to Choose the Right Size and Style

The diameter of the casters also determines their load capacity, as it can support more weight than smaller-sized casters. This is especially important if you plan to use the casters for carrying medium-sized items like a small home entertainment center or a couch.


The mounting style you choose can make a big difference in the durability of your casters. You can choose swivel, fixed or brake/lock casters. A swivel caster has two caster wheels that contact a top plate and a rod that makes contact with both of the caster plates on the floor of the piece of furniture. This allows for a 360-degree rotation of the casters and helps improve mobility.

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