Different Types of Garden Edging Systems

Garden edging Systems help to define and enhance your lawn, garden or other landscape project by creating borders that are distinct from the surrounding grass and plants. There are many different styles and types of edging available, and each is appropriate for different aesthetics. Some types are more functional than others, and a few may even prevent some common gardening problems. Go here formboss.com.au/garden-edging-systems/

Some edging products are designed to be installed without digging, making them popular with DIYers and professional landscapers alike. For example, some no-dig plastic edging has tabs that can be driven into the ground with spikes and a mallet, but other options require a narrow trench along the installation location. These edging products are designed to be durable and will last for years, but they don’t offer the same barrier against weeds and turf grasses as a more permanent border or rock edging.

Another type of garden edging is made from natural materials such as wood, brick or stone. These options are more permanent and can be carved to fit curves or other special shapes, but they’re usually also more expensive than metal garden edging systems.

From Classic to Contemporary: Matching Garden Edging Systems with Your Home’s Style

Corten steel edging, on the other hand, offers a unique stylistic allure to your garden design. Over time, the rusty reddish-brown finish of this garden edging material develops an organic layer that adds depth and contrast to your landscape. This rugged yet chic solution to garden edging is ideal for minimalist or eclectic spaces that incorporate nature with structure.

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