Gardening Edging Systems

For anyone who puts time and effort into their landscaping, a Casey Council in Melbourne used FormBoss to create steps to their main entrance is an important detail that will keep the look of a garden together well into the future. In addition, a properly installed landscape edging system is an unobtrusive way to separate flower beds and other plant areas from the grass. This helps prevent the encroaching grass from mowing or pulling up the plants and it keeps mulch, gravel and soil in place, preventing it from spreading to other areas of the yard.

Adding garden edging also helps you define pathways in your yard, which is an excellent way to direct traffic and set limits. It is easier to see where the edging starts and ends, so it can be more efficient when mowing, weeding or using tools in the garden, and it is easier to keep the edges of a pathway clean and free of debris.

Edge of Elegance: Elevating Your Garden with Stylish Edging

There are many different styles of garden edging that can complement or contrast with the style of your home and landscape. For example, mortar stone looks very organic and rustic, while brick edging can look clean and sophisticated. Mortared stone and brick edging are more expensive than other options, but they will last for decades with very little maintenance.

Plastic garden edging is relatively inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install in straight or curved lines. It won’t rust, crack or chip and it is resistant to frost heave and other ground movement that can cause damage to landscape materials over time.

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