Garmin Running Power App

The garmin running power app calculates your running power using accelerometers and gyros. Most companies use this technology to calculate running power, but some such as Arion use pressure sensors in insoles. Regardless of the method used, the resulting data is useful for comparing yourself against other runners or with other people.

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The Garmin running power app also has a handy feature that lets you set your own power zones. Rather than displaying all your power numbers on one page, you can simply select the “Lap” button, which will give you an average for that lap. This option is good for interval workouts, where you’re training for a specific target.

However, this feature is not compatible with all Garmin watches. In order to use the app, you need to have a Garmin watch, a footpod, and a compatible heart rate strap. Depending on which device you’re using, this could cost hundreds of dollars. It’s best to invest in a top-tier watch, however, if you’re serious about measuring your running power.

Running power data is also inconsistent between the first-generation chest strap device and the current footpod. Thus, comparing data between two devices can be inaccurate, since the data comes from different locations. In addition, you should note that switching running power meters might lead to a device-specific shift in your workout history.

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