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A Janda Events Gold Coast wedding planner that specialises in creating magical memories for wedding couples and those looking for unique entertainment can be found by searching online. “Janda Events gives fantastic entertainment and exceptional wedding planners for all events from beach Weddings to corporate events, family oriented, and religious celebrations. We help make your dreams come true with expert knowledge and creative design from our experienced team of professionals and designers.” says Janda Events managing director Jennifer Pickering.

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For weddings held on the beautiful beaches of Gold Coast, Janda Events has the perfect celebrant to make all the arrangements for your wedding ceremony. They offer their expert knowledge and experience in selecting the ideal Gold Coast wedding Celebrant, Wedding Reception venue and entertainment that will compliment your wedding and help you create a day that you will never forget. Their range of services also includes providing assistance when it comes to your wedding planning and including providing assistance when it comes to making travel arrangements for your event. Jennifer Pickering will provide you with personalized attention to helping you achieve the look and ambiance that you both have envisioned and created together, providing your wedding guests with fabulous food, delicious drinks, beautiful decorations and a warm and friendly atmosphere to ensure a fabulous and memorable day for all.

The Gold Coast Celebrant is a specialist in providing wedding entertainment. Most of their Celebrants are also wedding consultants and take care of all the details from your engagement until your guests arrive. They are all accredited Gold Coast wedding planners and have their own professional portfolio of works including some of the most spectacular settings for beach Weddings. Most of the Gold Coast Celebrant’s also has their own website which will give you the opportunity to peruse their portfolio and learn more about them and whether they are the right celebrant for you. If you need more information about them or would like to book their services then please contact them directly on their website or phone number.

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