Heavy Duty Casters – What You Need to Know

heavy duty casters

Casters are a convenient way to make almost any piece of furniture or equipment mobile. This includes chairs, desks, tables, workstations, cabinets, machinery, and more. Find out castercity.com

Caster wheels can also be used to roll items over uneven floors. This is especially helpful when moving items from one place to another, as it saves time and energy.

Heavy Duty Casters – Load Capacity

The load capacity of your casters is influenced by the material of the wheel along with its diameter. A wheel with a larger diameter distributes weight more evenly and rolls more easily than a smaller one, so it’s important to get the right size for your needs.

The Benefits of Swivel Casters for Heavy Duty Applications

For example, a polyurethane wheel can take up to 1500lbs per caster, while an iron core wheel can handle up to 2000lbs. A molded nylon, cast iron, or aluminum wheel can carry up to 3000lbs per caster.

Stainless steel and chrome casters are durable, and they are resistant to corrosion from harsh environments. These casters are ideal for industrial use and will last for years to come.

Safety & Reliability

These casters are made with high-quality materials and designed by top professionals. They are tested for safety and reliability, and they provide peace of mind for consumers.

Brake Features – If you move your workbench frequently, you will want to look for casters that have a brake feature. This will allow you to stop the caster from rotating and disengage it from the swivel at the same time, making it easier to maneuver your workbench.

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