Heavy Duty Metal Caster Wheels

Heavy duty metal caster wheels are available in a variety of styles. They can be swivel or fixed, and some even come with a brake mechanism for stopping. They also come in different load capacities, ranging from 750 to 2400 lbs per caster. These casters are durable and designed to last for years. To make them more durable, they have reinforced 3/8″ steel legs and a continuous welded inside and out mounting plate.

What is the effect of too much caster?

Heavy duty metal caster wheels are often used for industrial applications. They can support thousands of pounds and are often made of steel or cast iron. Depending on the load rating, they can also be manufactured with plastic or rubber wheels. They also don’t cause damage to floors. Industrial casters are typically available in custom sizes.

Heavy duty metal caster wheels are available in forged steel, which is incredibly durable and resistant to impact. These wheels are typically four to 10 inches in diameter and come with a variety of brake options. Forged steel wheels are great for rugged industrial applications because they offer high load capacities and high strength-to-weight ratios.

Heavy duty casters are used on various items such as airplane hangar doors. They are able to support the weight of the huge doors while allowing the doors to be moved manually or automatically. They are also commonly used in helicopter landing pads. They make it easier for the pilots to move the helicopter after landing, and they also provide increased stability and easy handling.

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