Housing Options for Freshmen at Penn

If you’re an incoming freshman looking to make the transition from high school to college life, there are a number of different housing upenn options. These range from dorms to private apartments and everything in between. Each has its own unique set of amenities and advantages.

Where do Upenn students live off campus?

For example, Hill College House is one of the newest and modern dorms at housing upenn. It offers a number of room configurations and is located close to academic buildings, dining options, and other campus activities. It also features a large study lounge and a computer lab, which can be useful for students who want to work on school-related projects.

Other dorms at Penn, like The Quad and Du Bois, are known for their historic architecture and central location. The Quad is especially popular among freshmen. It’s a great place to meet other students and get acclimated to university life. It’s also the best dorm to live in if you’re a freshman because it’s the most student-centric and has the highest population of first year students.

The residential system at Penn includes thirteen undergraduate College Houses. Within each House, there are several Program Communities that support students with specific interests or needs. For example, the Transfer Living Community in Rodin College House is specifically designed to help new transfer students adapt to campus life. Students who select this community in their housing application will be paired with a Graduate Associate who can provide support and guidance to them throughout the year.

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