How to Get Into the Sports Broadcasting Industry

With sports content being so widely available, whether on your favorite radio or TV station, a game you’re watching on your couch or an app you’re using, it is more important than ever to have professional broadcasting skills. Our program offers the opportunity to develop these skills and prepare you for a career in this exciting field.

Students can gain on-air 해외축구중계 로얄티비 experience in a wide variety of ways including internships and guest appearances, participating in student radio shows and announcing events for local team sports. High school students that believe this career is for them can get a leg up on the competition and gain an inside perspective by attending a pre-college summer program like Dean College’s “Campus to Career” program, which includes a two-week stay on campus, where students practice their play-by-play skills, create a professional reel, tour a stadium, learn about behind the scenes responsibilities and attend lectures from professionals in the industry.

Live from the Stadium: Challenges and Triumphs of On-Site Broadcasting

Once a graduate is ready to move up from their small town station, they may consider hiring an agent. They will work with you to figure out what your employment preferences are, share your demo tape or reel with potential employers and connect you with a manager at the desired network. This type of representation is not only helpful but necessary, as most people in the sports industry know each other and networking is essential these days. You can also network by signing up for networking events, connecting with guest lecturers that teach your courses or the professionals you interned with, and going to conferences that are focused on the sports industry.

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