How to Use a Lawn Leveller

In case you don’t know much about a Lawn Leveller, it is a handy tool that has been made specifically for lawn mowing. It can be used to speed up the mowing time when you have a very small area to work with. It is easy to use and the finished product looks just as good as any other mower that you might use. It also has a huge advantage over a mower of similar size. Most people have a choice between mowers like a riding mower which can reach quite a distance and also a riding mower that can do a small amount of yard work. The best option is a mower that can do both. The best lawnmowers have two working parts and you should never buy a mower that doesn’t have both working.

DIY Lawn Leveling Tool (Levelawn/Lute)

You can easily find the completed making in the picture below. buy some non-toxic 1x3x4 lumber. don’t use bent pieces. it won’t be right or close to it, because a non-corrosive non-warping saw cannot hold a large enough piece. I suggest that you get some scrap or recycled material so that you won’t have to worry about rust forming on your tools. Make sure that you use a masonry blade. These blades are much stronger than normal cutting blades and they are also much easier to maintain.

You’ll need a drill, a screwdriver guard. The most important thing is to get the blades out before you start mowing! Get the same type of blades as the mower and not a cutlery knife. You’ll have to do some measuring to find the right height of the blade. You should be able to see in the photo below the mower that the blade is at the correct height.

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