How to Use Bulk Image Compress

bulk image compress

If you want to compress multiple images with minimal quality loss, Image Compress is the perfect solution. The app allows you to compress multiple images quickly and easily, and does so without requiring an internet connection. With its integration with Crashlytics and Firebase, you can easily share all compressed images. Bulk Image Compress is written in Kotlin and is compatible with Android Pie.

Read On To Learn How To Use Bulk Image Compress

Bulk Image Compressor is a simple and efficient tool that helps you reduce image size by 80-90%. Its patented technology compresses a large photo into a smaller one without sacrificing image quality. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can share compressed images without any loss of quality. Once you’ve finished, simply export your resulting compressed photos to a new folder for easy sharing. It’s that simple!

Bulk image compress software allows you to specify the quality, resolution, output format, and destination folder for compressed images. If you’ve got a large collection of images, you can specify a threshold to compress them automatically. Some batch image compress software also includes an inbuilt image viewer to allow you to navigate multiple images before optimizing them. Once the process is complete, you’ll have access to preview images and adjust the compression settings to your liking.

The free plan allows you to optimize up to 100 images per month. If you’re only using a few images on your site, a free plan is enough. You’ll get regular support and 100 monthly image compressions. You can upgrade to the medium or large plans, which allow you to use 12,000 image compressions per month and receive a bonus 2000. One-time plans are also available. These bulk image compress tools are perfect for small business websites, as they offer the most flexibility.

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