Interior Design Centers and the Design Process

Interior Design Centers and the Design Process

About Designers. home design What do young designers need from a design college? Perhaps you’ve noticed that online shopping has really changed over the last decade?

Young designers really want to see the products before they buy them – and this can only be done at the showrooms where the product is actually seen and touched. Showrooms are just places that large companies use to display their goods. They’re like huge catalogs. The goods are in boxes and on carts, but it’s really the customer who gets to see what’s inside those boxes and how a product looks – and this is what designers really want.

If you go into any interior design centers, it’s almost like an impenetrable barrier has blocked off the real world. It’s as if there’s an invisible forcefield that protects the products from the people who shop there. We know that physical stores still exist in many small and medium-sized towns. But what most people do when they travel to these types of places is take a vacation – and the one place they really get to see is the showrooms. But what interior designers need is the same kind of protection from the online world as physical store visitors get from the brick-and-mortar ones.

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