Leak Defense System

Leak Detection and Leak Prevention are important factors in any construction or home remodeling job. It is essential to make sure that the contractor hired to build, repair or remodel your house or building does his part to prevent unwanted leaks. This can only be done by having a Leak Defense System. Even though contractors are supposed to do their own checkups on leakages, most of them are not up to date on the latest leak detection methods and systems that are available today. It is thus important for homeowners to have leak sensors for around the house, as well as some basic tools for early detection.

Leak Defense System

Most leaks, if detected early, can be fixed and solved without too much of a headache. But there are times when simple fixes will not suffice. In these situations, leak detection and leak prevention systems become very useful. The system is designed to detect water intrusion through different means including water pressure monitors, video camera inspections of roofs, downpipes and many others.

If your house has an above ground pool, it is important to have a leak detection system installed. Leakage from underground pools will cause more damage than an ordinary leaky roof or pipes. There are specialized systems that can detect any leaking water and prevent further damage by pumping water and cleaning debris out of the air spaces in and around the house. For above ground pools, a leak defense system should also be in place to keep the pool clean and free from any dangers.

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