Lifting Shoes For Women

If you’re a woman who enjoys lifting weights, you may want to invest in some lifting shoes for women. These shoes can help you maintain proper form, protect your back and joints, and add weight to your lifts. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned lifter, there are several different brands to choose from.

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Lifting shoes for women have evolved exponentially in the last decade. Before that, no manufacturers produced women’s weightlifting shoes. However, demand has risen as weightlifting for women has become more popular. Before the Great Depression, women began competing with men in competitions that measured their power during bench press, snatch, clean and jerk lifts. The sport was largely male-dominated, but women began competing in weightlifting competitions and found their own niche in the sport. As a result, many women competed in competitions with a variety of different styles of lifting shoes.

A good pair of lifting shoes women will offer a stable base and prevent ankle twists. Ankle injuries are caused by improper form, and women should wear lifting shoes that provide adequate ankle support to avoid putting their ankles under unnecessary strain. A good pair of women’s lifting shoes will cost about $45 to $150.

Women should choose their weightlifting shoes based on the activities they plan on engaging in. Weightlifting shoes should be comfortable and fit well. The heel should be low enough so that they won’t cause discomfort during exercises. The toes should be wide enough to allow natural spread of the toes.

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