Little Giants Killara – Finding The Right Child Care

When you visit the Little Giants Killara premises, you’ll be delighted with the friendly hospitality that greets you. “They treat you like you are part of the family and not just another customer,” says Mr Martin. “I can walk into any of our offices and be greeted by the receptionist warmly and professionally. They are always ready to talk to the child who wants to talk to them about their experience at our centre.”

Little Giants Killara – Choose A Day Care | New Baby Basics 

Small businesses are often judged on their service and the staff’s performance. It’s essential that you feel welcome, appreciated, that you know what your limits are, and that you are not only focused on making money. – the people you work with are the most important people at the centre and they deserve the best. support and care.

“My favorite thing about working here is being able to interact with the children and parents in the same day. I can see what they’re up to, and what their interests are,” says Mr Martin. The childcare staff are always available to help, and answer questions, so that your children will know what to expect from you. It’s also important to know that their parents or guardians are always there to listen to them and help them out if they need it. And the staff really listen to your children’s needs.

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