London Tattoo Artists

London tattoo artists | One Day Studio in the world. Whether you’re into modern designs, traditional styles, or just something unique, you can find it here. In fact, HYPEBEAST recently interviewed four tattoo artists to find out what they love most about tattooing in London. We’ve picked our favourites below, and we’ll reveal their secret techniques in a few minutes. Keep reading to learn more about their process and what they love most about their job!

What Do They Love Most About Tattooing in London?

london tattoo artists

Grace Neutral is one of the UK’s most successful tattoo artists. She has been featured in i-D magazine’s Beyond Beauty feature and has worked with some of the most talented and innovative female artists around. She has pointed elf ears and purple eyeballs, and has been working with Kamil since 2014 and is the head tattoo artist at his new studio in Hackney. Her bodysuit is adorned with countless tattoos and she has over six hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Jade Chanel is an ex-Londoner who recently opened her own studio in Glasgow. She specializes in tattooing in black and grey ink, and is a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. Her colourful and graphic style has won her numerous awards, including a World Tattoo Award. Cally-Jo has a dedicated website with booking options. She’s based in Australia, but she occasionally visits London to work on new projects.

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