Mental Health Disorders Caused by Social Media

mental health Disorders Caused by social media

As the use of digital media and the use of smartphones increases, so does the number of people suffering from mental health disorders. According to a study, half a million eighth through twelfth graders had a 33 percent increase in depressive symptoms. The suicide rate for girls in the same grade jumped 65 percent. As a result, visits to college counseling centers rose sharply. These studies also reveal that current teens are spending less time in person with friends and family than their predecessors. Mental health Disorders Caused by social media

Helps People Manage Their Time And Stay Away From Harmful Websites

While many people have different reasons for using social media, one of the most common is fear of missing out on important events or experiences. However, excessive social media use can affect a person’s sleep. The constant stimulation from these devices can prevent sleep, and this can cause depression and anxiety symptoms. As a result, social media users are advised to take a break from the use of these platforms to help them recover from the negative effects of excessive usage.

The University of Pennsylvania study found that the amount of time a person spends using social media had a significant effect on the level of symptoms. People who lowered their social media usage by 30 minutes a day had lower levels of depression and loneliness, and their general well-being improved. However, it is crucial to note that social media is an addictive activity. To maintain a healthy mental state, it is necessary to limit social media usage to less than 30 minutes per day.

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