Playing on a Sand Court

volleyball on sand

Offering more forgiveness when performing, jumping and running, volleyball on sand offers more protection to your body from the impact that you would encounter playing indoors. While it does take more effort to master, there are a number of benefits to playing sand volleyball. For one, sand volleyball can be played at slower speeds compared to indoor volleyball due to the lesser amount of surface to work with. As a result, you can spend more time working on technique. Also, since you are moving around and jumping around on sandy courts, your muscles will need to be conditioned to handle the extra strain.

Learn Exactly How I Improved Playing On A Sand Court

Another advantage of playing on a sand court is that it requires less physical equipment compared to other court surfaces. There is less sand to cover hence allowing you to use less spikes and other equipment. This is great news for amateur volleyball players who might want to try out playing on a sand court but are limited by financial resources. One downside to playing on a sand court however is the amount of time that your legs have to rest after a game. For those who are used to playing on concrete or hard surfaces, this can prove to be disadvantageous as your legs will tire quickly.

If you are looking for tips and advice on how to play on a sand court, head to Sydney, Australia where some of the top beach volleyball teams in the world train and compete. Training at the Sydney 2021 sand arena allows you to watch professional volleyball players such as Laura Vozzella, Sarah-Quita White and Jade Jagger. You can also get tips from two-point ace Amy Wilson, who currently plays for Team USA. Wilson helped pave the way for female surfers when competing on the Australian beach volleyball team in the years before women’s basketball started to become a household name.

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