Residential Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is commonly used in commercial and industrial spaces, but this durable, hardwearing floor type can also be applied to residential areas. With an extensive variation of colors and textures, resin floors are an ideal solution to add a contemporary or Scandinavian feel to a home.Check this out :

As they are impenetrable by bacteria and germs, resin floors make for a hygienic and easy-to-clean option in hospital and medical environments. They can be sanitised in an instant and require minimal maintenance to maintain a high level of durability and appearance.

Elevate Your Space: Benefits of Residential Resin Flooring

During the installation of a resin floor, the quality of substrate preparation is crucial to ensure strong adhesion and lasting strength. This process involves shot blasting or diamond grinding the surface to create a roughened texture, which allows for strong bonding between the resin and concrete surface. This process is highly technical and requires expert knowledge and skilled labor, which demonstrates the importance of only entrusting your resin floor installation to an experienced team.

While it’s possible to lay a resin floor without professional assistance, this will not offer the same resistance or protection as a professionally installed resin floor. Poorly installed floors may crack or react to UV rays, which can damage the substrate underneath. To extend the lifespan of your floor, a protective layer of UV protection should be applied after installation. This can be purchased from the most reputable suppliers of resin floors.

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