Screed Flooring

Screed flooring is a key step in the installation process for both new floor coverings and underfloor heating, and is required where there is an uneven subfloor. A professional screeding expert will advise you on the correct depth of the screed layer depending on the final floor cover and the subfloor condition.Read more

Typically made of one part cement to three to five parts sharp sand, the primary purpose of your screed mix is to create a smooth base to lay your chosen floor finish. This is done by levelling out high spots and filling in low ones. For commercial and industrial applications, it’s common to add reinforcement in the form of metal mesh or polypropylene fibres to protect the base and help prevent cracking.

Enhancing Aesthetics with Decorative Screed Flooring

A sand and cement or liquid screed can be applied to the site or ready-mixed. The factory-mixed screeds offer additional quality assurance and a more consistent material. Liquid screeds are self-leveling and pumpable which makes them easier to lay, and they can be used in large areas where there are surface fluctuations that need leveling out.

It’s important to have your floor screeded by an experienced professional who will ensure that the process is completed accurately, decreasing the risk of costly and time-consuming repairs further down the line. A qualified specialist will be able to advise you on the correct thickness of your floor screed mix and work from a level datum point (a tripod-mounted laser) to ensure that your entire floor is evenly laid.

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