Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis Court Repairs

The Town of Wethersfield hired Tennis Court Repairs Site and Sports to perform a complete rebuild of their two asphalt tennis courts. This included replacing the old worn out surface and installing new drainage to help protect the court from water penetration. This is a very important step to extending the life of the court and helps prevent accidents that are typical of a slippery or wet tennis court.Check this out :


We typically recommend resurfacing your tennis court every 3-5 years, depending on the type of surface and how often it is used. During resurfacing, we can re-texture the surface for improved ball bounce and traction, as well as repair cracks and other issues with the surface.

Crack Repair

When it comes to crack repair, acrylic crack fillers are a quick and inexpensive solution for sealing the cracks on your tennis court. However, they are only temporary and if the cracks are caused by an underlying issue then they will most likely come back within a few years. In this case, a more permanent solution may be needed.

Other problems that require a tennis court repair can include low spots or birdbaths that hold water and don’t drain properly and fading line markings. We can easily fix these issues with our quality elastomeric repair materials.

While some homeowners can perform small repairs to their tennis courts, it is always best to have a professional take care of any larger issues like surface cracks or fading lines. This can extend the life of your tennis court and save you money in the long run by preventing the need for costly resurfacing projects.

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