The Best Online Games For Learning About Space and Astronomy

The Best Online Games for Learning About Space and Astronomy

From planets to stars, the ไลน์ UFABET cosmos has a lot to offer – and it’s even better when you can explore it for yourself. With awe-inspiring graphics and simulations, these online games can teach you all about our Solar System, star constellations, the Milky Way and more.

Stellarium (Windows|Mac) — Billed as “planetarium for your computer,” this free app has some of the most impressive visuals in this roundup. It offers a catalog of more than 210 million stars, and the ability to zoom in on the Sun, the Earth, moons, asteroids, and planets for an up close look.

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No Man’s Sky (Playstation 4/5, PC, Xbox One/X) – Hello Games’ massive open world game offers infinite galaxies to explore, as well as 30+ hours of story content. Plus, since it recently released on Steam — which makes updates easier for developers — new features and improvements are rolling in regularly.

Outer Wilds (Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One) — With its cute presentation, this quirky open-world game might seem simple at first glance, but it’s packed with ideas that make it unique among space-themed video games. Plus, its 22-minute timed loop of a galaxy – complete with an impending sun demise — is truly mind-blowing.

Space Daily — This site features news and other information on topics related to space science from various sources, including NASA. It’s great for students who need a quick lesson or reminder about concepts like gravity and black holes.

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