Vitality Home Care – Choosing Between a Home Care Agency and a Nursing Home

Vitality Home Care agency that refers its patients to psychiatrists or doctors, has to follow all federal laws pertaining to health care practices. For example, it cannot refuse referrals on religious grounds or refuse to treat individuals with disabilities. The agency must also not refer individuals who are considered to be sexually attracted to children. In order to maintain proper confidentiality, the home care agency has to ensure that the psychiatrist receives ongoing training on his or her new patient’s case.

Vitality Home Care – Let a Home Care Agency Take Care of Your Personal Affairs

A home care agency may refer its patients to psychologists who can evaluate the individual for possible disorders. However, the psychologist must receive continuing education in order to keep his or her license current and not allow anyone to interfere with his or her practice. The psychologist may also refer his or her patients to mental health professionals that specialize in alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

The home care agency may even refer its clients to hospitals or other health care facilities where they can get specialized medical attention. The agency has to follow federal rules and regulations regarding insurance and payment as directed by the insurance company or agency.

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