What is Link Building?

Link Building

Link Building is the process of getting other websites to link to your webpages. This has a huge impact on how search engines rank your pages. This is why it’s a big part of any SEO strategy.

There are a lot of different tactics and strategies for building links. Most of them fall into one of three categories. More info https://saketwahi.com

Informational / resource links

These are links that help your audience in some way. They can be guides, tools, lists, videos, or any other kind of content that adds value to your audience and niche. These types of links are often referred to as “linkable assets”.

The Future of Link Building: Predictions and Trends

These types of links bring your audience directly to your website, but they can also help them make a purchase decision. It’s harder to get people excited about linking to your product or service pages, so they’re often not as effective for link building as informational / resource pages.

Business directories

These include things like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Allmenus, and more. While these don’t usually provide strong links, they can be helpful for getting exposure and customers.

Creating a good link building strategy requires creativity, technical knowledge, and analytical skills. That’s why it’s important to learn and practice as many different strategies as you can. With the right approach, you can get more high-quality backlinks that help your pages rank better in Google. And that’s what everyone wants, right?

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