Why Use a Number Validator?

number validator

Phone number voip number lookup is an important step in ensuring that your lead or customer database is up to date. This process helps to remove invalid, disconnected and bogus numbers from your list, allowing you to focus your marketing campaigns on active leads and customers.

There are billions of phone numbers in the world, but not all are valid. Using a number validator is essential for businesses who use SMS and voice messaging as part of their services. It can help to avoid the costs of calling or texting users that don’t exist, and it helps to improve the ROI of your SMS and voice messaging campaigns.

VOIP Number Lookup: Tracing the Identity and Location of Internet Phone Numbers

The best phone number validation services take a range of factors into consideration, including country, line type and carrier. This allows them to provide more accurate data about the individual who is being contacted, which can then be used for segmentation. For example, knowing that someone is a business user may allow you to send them relevant messages or content.

Byteplant offers a number validation API that can be easily integrated into your CRM, Ping Post service, dialer, app or web form. This enables you to check whether a phone number is valid at the point of entry into your system, dramatically improving the quality of your customer and lead database.

It also helps to prevent fraudulent activity by ensuring that the person making a purchase is who they say they are, rather than an impostor or a criminal. For example, the service can match a mobile or landline number to a name and address, enabling companies to verify the identity of customers or protect themselves from fraudsters.

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