Wine Tours In Tasmania

If you are looking for wine tours Hobart, you won’t be disappointed. The city is home to one of the best wine growing regions in Australia and its vineyards produce award winning wines all year round. As a result, tourism is a huge industry in Tasmania, supporting both the local economy and the wider Australian economy. As such, the state government has taken steps to support the tourism industry and in turn provide support for the wine producers of Tasmania. As such, the state government has several wine tours available, including the popular ‘Wine on Wheels’ program that travels around the state taking you to various vineyards. Each tour varies slightly but the aim is to give you the opportunity to sample a range of different wines.

wine tours Hobart

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While some tours only include a tasting of one or two wines, many more choose to include at least two. For example, the Wine Train takes you around scenic routes around the state taking you through some of Tasmania’s wine country. The program also includes some extra perks such as wine cooking classes, wine tasting, wine pairing dinners and a selection of cheese. The program certainly covers the bases when it comes to wine tours and it will appeal to anyone wanting to try New Zealand’s wine country. As such, if you have never been on a wine tour before, you will probably find this your most memorable trip.

The second wine tour of Tasmania is hosted by the city of Hobart. The ‘Hobart on Wheels’ program leaves from Hobart’s central business district and covers a lengthy journey through the city and surrounds. The focus of the tour is on the local area, visiting some of the wineries and wine regions of the state. It also includes a visit to the beautiful Royal botanic garden and stops along the National Trail. As you can see, both of these wine tours offer an enjoyable way to explore the wine producing region of Tasmania.

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