How Much Does an Ad on TikTok Cost?

how much does an ad on tiktok cost

As with all paid advertising programs and platforms, the amount your ad costs depends on how much you’re willing to spend. According to a variety of sources, including TuffGrowth and JungleTopp, the average cost of an ad on TikTok starts at $10 per thousand views (CPM) or $1 per click (CPC).

This is relatively affordable compared to other social media platforms that offer paid ads, but how much does an ad on tiktok cost? It’s worth remembering, however, that the potential return on investment for a successful TikTok campaign is extremely high.

Unveiling the Price of an Ad on TikTok: What to Expect

In addition, small businesses can use a range of TikTok marketing tools to help them grow and expand their audience. Specifically, TikTok offers several types of ad formats and placements that can be tailored to specific business goals.

These ad options include in-feed format, brand takeover ads, and branded effects or hashtag challenges. The in-feed format is the cheapest of the options. It’s located on the “For You Page” and appears like regular TikTok content, ensuring users will not dismiss your ad as spam.

The pricier options, such as brand takeovers and branded hashtag challenges, can be very effective in driving visibility to your business. While they can be more expensive, they also ensure that your ad is placed prominently and is easily found by TikTok’s algorithm. In the case of a branded hashtag challenge, the platform will even feature it on its Discovery banner, providing additional exposure.

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